Blue Angel Lyrics-Squirrel Nut Zippers Lyrics-

Mama never told you
How you were s’posed to treat a girl.
Papa never told you, now you’re all alone
Out in the world.
Sirens are screaming
Inside the winding-sheets are pale.
Devils are dreaming of a Blue Angel.
Now I lay me down to sleep
But troubled dreams are all I find.
Pray the lord my sould to keep.
Pray so I won’t lose my mind.
Streetlights come streaming
On wings tonight I’ll soon set sail
Devils are dreaming of the Blue Angel.
Your momma’s going to take it hard
You always were your momma’s boy
You’re lying in the graveyard
Now you’re not your momma’s joy.
Silence is screaming
I’ll bat an eye and cast my spell
Devils are dreaming of a Blue Angel.
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