Lullaby To Sarah Lyrics—Angelo Branduardi Lyrics—

Lullaby to Sarah
(Peter Sinfield – Angelo Branduardi)

You are a sailboat
Upon the ocean
You are a sailboat
And I will steer you
Across the sea to dreamland
To where there’s white sand…
Across the sea in dreamland
To where a soft breeze
Blows in a deep blue sky
And moves the palm trees…
And you will lie there
And hear the birds sing
And they will bring you presents
Of a hundred gold rings
And if you count them slowly
They’ll change to wishes
So sleep my little sailboat
With stores of milk and honey
And sixpences for money
And safe beneath a great moon
I’ll sing this rockabye tune,
So shut your pretty eyes
And I’ll steer you to the white sand
For we’re on our way to dreamland
Until the morning…
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Lullaby to Sarah,
(Peter Sinfield – Angelo Branduardi)

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