Memorize Your Lines Lyrics—Sleater-Kinney Lyrics—

I’ve learned how to wait. I know not to beg.
I know I shouldn’t ask why I wake up feeling dead.
(Say forever, that’s a dirty word
Will you stay here, that’s a dirty girl)
Performance of my life, performance of your life.
(Act two, scene four line three
I want this room, just for me, just for me)
You said you’d never be mine,
you swore it to me until the end of time
You said that love’s never kind,
I memorize these lines, practice them every night.
We can talk it out, tell each other lies.
We can just pretend today isn’t goodbye.
(It will be soon, now
heard that before
You better polish your speech
before you hit the floor…)

Wont you tell me what are we fighting for?
Do you want me here do you know for sure?
You know the coldest face is the worst to me
and I won’t calm down till I get to you
You know that I wish I could undo this role
Let’s go back to what, what we came here for
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