One Song for You Lyrics—Sleater-Kinney Lyrics—

If you want it and you’re going out of your mind
If you want me in your bed we better do it on the sly,
and you know why
One Song for you
We wrote a little tune
it takes off for you
Hold on, hold on it’s coming soon
If you feel it in your body like a hurricane,
Let your arms become propellers
take off don’t feel any shame.
I know for you it don’t make sense
I don’t make sense
Nothing comes true
because the doors were locked for you
Got a message spelled out in a lovesick bruise
I got this secret code
only flameholders know how to use.
Piled up for you
the notes I wrote on hollow walls
Let me come through
Pass through the things that we went through
Have memory of the things we said
take memory of the things we left
drop little boy crumbs you could follow back
when you get lost becoming a man
It’s a lie. it’s the truth
You need it more
than I do
I want it all for you
but I can’t live for you
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