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It’s in your head
They’re telling you it’s in your head
It’s a figment of your imagination
It isn’t there
They’re telling you it isn’t there
You’re a victim of your infatuation
What do I think that it is I see?
I keep asking myself
Nothing like this has ever happened to me

There’s a perfect lover
Running through my head
There’s a perfect lover
I can see her in my head
Perfect lover
They keep telling you
They keep telling you, it’s just a fascination.
Why don’t they listen?
No one listens to what I am sayin’
And everyone tells you she just isn’t there
That it just couldn’t be
If only they knew how real she is to me

(Chorus 2x)

Sometimes I hear the cry (I hear it crying out)
Your voice from deep inside (inside, inside, inside)
It’s taking over me, over me
I’m not looking through the eyes
Of a desperate stranger
What I envision is so real
I don’t want to change it
And sometimes I feel like
She’s standing right there
Like I could reach out and touch her
Only I know how real she is to me

(Chorus 2x)

Perfect lover. Lover.
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