(She’s In) Another World LYRICS ,Buck LYRICS ,


She walks around with her head up in the clouds; she’s so high, her feet don’t touch the ground
all down the street, yeah, the people stop and
stare but she doesn’t even notice, she doesn’t even care
she’s thinking about him

he’s gone away but she knows it’s not forever; in a few more hours
they’ll be back together
and she’s waiting for the moment when she’ll
hold him so tight; wrap her arms around him and everything’s gonna be all right
she’s thinking about him

she’s in another world…

well I’m coming ’round the corner and I see him standing there / I’m the
luckiest girl you’ll find anywhere
and he’s never out of mind because
he’s always outta sight
he’s my heaven on earth every single night
he says he’s been thinking about me

and that’s why he’s in another world…
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