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Chocke-crush-strange desire to fly
Scream-fight not to scream…
Let’s keep on working, man!…

Shadows in the heat
Weaving on the ground
Sparkle in the sun
Boil in the dark
Start to vaporize
Here comes that need to fly… to fly!

Keep on working, man!… keep on working, man!…
Muscles in the dust
Figures in the light
Chocking in the haze
Lashing at the heart

Hurt (desire to)
Fire (desire to)
Shout (desire to)
Burst (desire to)
Keep on working, man!

Hate time-hard time-crush time-strong time
Scream-fight no to scream…

Let’s keep on working, man!… (5x)
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FRONT 242,

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