The Enchanted Lake Lyrics—Angelo Branduardi Lyrics—

Close by Jacob’s fountain
Starts the strange tale I will tell
Where fair Madeleine met an enchanter
Who addressed her in a tongue few men know well
Said he all you wish
From this hour is yours for asking
Tell me all your desire
For there’s no dream I can’t fulfill it.
Sir be on your way I’ve no time for your games
Not for you do I wait here but for another
He will come for me and bring me a velvet gown
And we’ll go hand in hand to London town.
You’re a fool if you think you won’t be mine
Said the enchanter to fair Madeleine
And yet you’re young so I forgive you
If you’d lived my thousand years you’d play.
Once more did he ask for a wish from her heart
Better believe now or spells
I will use to make you mine.
You’d make a fine tree that blossomed every springtime
Shade me in the summer and be my firewood in winter.
This has gone too far
Cried out the young maid
Now I see you for a liar
Full of your own wind
All this talk of spells
What nonsense a thousand years
When I see your face to be younger yet than mine
So the enchanter spun him circles three
And turned her with a spell to a calm wide lake
From the top of a tower of ivory
Forever he gazes on her face.
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