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Unconditional LYRICS ,Vodka Juniors LYRICS ,

Alone again, facing the aftermath and feeling the cold of other people’s eyes, I ‘d rather be disguised. All I wanted to do was everything for you, but it seems once again my feelings are bleeding in the trash and this time I got no strength, just a stupid boy all alone… All day long I keep telling myself that I’m not f***** up but I got things to say now you’re not around. Everything seems boring and meaningless now and all the drinks in the world can’t save me now. I wish I was the one to make the difference, I can’t see you as a friend, I wish I could just make you smile but every time I try everything falls to pieces again. I ‘ve got the talent to torture myself and make others suffer, why? I just can’t get it right, someday I hope I might. Yesterday you made me feel I could fly, today I know how it feels to die. You’ll never know how much I care and its all unconditional…
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