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Munch Lyrics , Meek Mill Ft. Kur

Munch Song Details & Info :-Song Title :MunchAlbum : “On My Soul” (2022)Singer/Artist :Meek Mill Ft. KurMusic By :Meek Mill & KurLyrics By/Lyricist :Meek Mill & KurSong Release Date :-22nd November, 2022Song Language :English (Rock)Label :-Meek Mill Munch Lyrics ,…

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Suicide commando Consume your vengeance Lyrics

Consume your vengeanceKilling entertainmentWatching televisionWe watch all dieIt’s your cravingPleasing your addictionWelcome to the slaughterCome watch them cry Consume your vengeanceFeeding your desireKilling & destructionAvert your eyesPrime time murderHigh precision bombingWelcome to the partyCome watch them die Consumed by vengeancenow

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Adriano Celentano Ciao Ragazzi Lyrics

No, Ho, Hooooo (No, Ho, Hooooo)Ciao ragazzi ciao (ciao ragazzi ciao)Perché non ridete piùora sono qui con voi. Ciao ragazzi ciao (ciao ragazzi ciao)voglio dirvi che (voglio dirvi che)che vorrei per megrandi braccia perchéfinalmente potreiabbracciare tutti voi. Ciao ragazzi ciao…

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Mercenary My Secret Window Lyrics

This is itThe final place to falterTo see the destinationTo be the oneWho makes the final callWe rise to fallThis is whereWe clear the path to freedomTo gain the new horizonAnd bleed onto the roadWe lost beforeSo rise to Save…

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Off Electrica Salsa (Baba Baba) Lyrics

Baba baba – mmh mmh – aha aha – ohdies ist dieäh – wie?Baba baba – kannst du die Trompeten mal mit einschalten?I warn you about my secret I’m going to exposeA great threat to your bodiesto your mind and…

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Queen Mustapha Lyrics

Ibrahim, Ibrahim, Ibrahim,Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah will pray for you.Hey! Mustapha, Mustapha, Mustapha Ibrahim.Mustapha, Mustapha, Mustapha Ibrahim. Mustapha Ibrahim, Mustapha IbrahimAllah, Allah, Allah will pray for you.Mustapha Ibrahim, al havra kris vaninAllah, Allah, Allah will pray for you.Mustapha, hey! MustaphaMustapha…

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