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Bloc Party The Once And Future King Lyrics

Well I guessThis will be dismissedAs bitternessAnd sour grapes Champion garage bandWith too much time with my own thoughtsIt should be my name on their lipsBut it’s not And I will waitFor my turn to come round againAnd I will…

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Metallica Better Than You Lyrics

I look at you, then you meHungry and thirsty are weHolding the lion’s shareHolding the keyHolding me back cause I’m striving to be… Better than you (Better than you)Better than you (Better than you) Lock horns I push and I…

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Trans-Siberian Orchestra Misery Lyrics

[MEPHISTOPHELES] There is a child and she sleeps in the gutterDon’t close your eyes and she’s easy to seeShe is not your childShe’s always another’sAnd those you abandonThey are left to me And know I will impale her like a…

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Dream Theatre Never Enough Lyrics

Cut myself open wideReach insideHelp yourselfTo all I have to giveAnd then you help yourself againAnd then complain thatYou didn’t like the wayI put the knife in wrongYou didn’t like the wayMy blood spilled on your brand new floor What…

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K.I.Z. Der durch die Tür Geher Lyrics

Ey! Dieser Beat ist ne Blutgrätsche ins Jochbein, Johnny! [Part 1, Nico]Wir sind eigentlich blank/und grad in Unterhemden/doch wir ham richtich Brand/mach ma keene fiese Mantenten/wir sind hier nicht zum Dancen/wir woll’n hier rausfliegen/draußen weiterstressen, bis wir wat aufs Maul…

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Sublime Work That We Do Lyrics

Well we realized so long, long ago, and I bet you,That we’ve seen it all, the lies won’t get you.I’ve got fourteen miles to go,I’ve got rythm comin since I’ve got the sto.But I won’t wanna come around our love,…

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