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Pimpin A Bitch Lyrics – NBA YoungBoy

(Intro– NBA YoungBoy)You dig?P!mping a b!tch and we jacking them, Oh! , LordP!mping a b!tch and we jacking them n!ggasBecause we coming from North sideP!mping a b!tch and we jacking them n!ggasBecause we coming from North sideP!mping a b!tch and…

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Thug Nigga Story Lyrics – NBA YoungBoy

(Intro– NBA YoungBoy)Who made this sh!t?TayTay made the beatThat double cup poured up, You hear me? (Verse 1– NBA YoungBoy)Lean, Lean, Lean, I drink pure codeineDon’t care what you think, I can’t quit my leanAnd if you do leaveI’ma drink…

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It Could Go Lyrics – NBA YoungBoy

(Intro– NBA YoungBoy)Ayo Bans, What you cooking?Oh! (La la la, Mmm! Mmm!)La la la (Verse 1– NBA YoungBoy)I ain’t no 2Pac of this generationI’m AI YoungBoyYou try to get ahead of this generationYou’ll get a run for itGot a lot…

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Choppa On My Shoulda Lyrics – NBA YoungBoy

(Intro– NBA YoungBoy)Mercy Beats! n!ggaYeah!Big dawg sh!t, Believe thatWhat, What it is? B!tch! (Refrain– NBA YoungBoy)Salute me when you see me n!gga‘Cause I’m a soldierYou ain’t recognize, You ain’t noticeHow I tote that choppa on my shoulderI’m a G and…

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More Wheezy Lyrics – NBA YoungBoy

(Intro– NBA YoungBoy)(Wheezy outta here)These n!gga lame then a motherfu*kerFree my, My n!gga, Wheezy, More WheezyWhat it is?Uh, Uh, Uh (Chorus– NBA YoungBoy)Gotta suit up for courtHow you go about that? (Yeah!)You can’t straight these h0esThat one thing, Just know…

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With Us Lyrics – NBA YoungBoy

(Intro– NBA YoungBoy)(—? Muzik)(MercyBeatz, N!gga)(DrellOnTheTrack) (Chorus– NBA YoungBoy)Look, They don’t wanna bang with us(They don’t wanna bang with us)Armed, And we dangerous (Yeah!)I say I can make a rapper go to sleepBy doing one thingLook, B!tch, Get yo’ head bust…

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