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SZA Julia Lyrics

Album SZA Z PAROLES SZA – Julia Lyrics [Part 1] [Intro]Here soon, here soonHere soon, here soon [Verse 1]Loving alone is what you make it(Make it, make it)Stay for the storm if you can take it(Take it, take it)But pray…

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SZA feat. Isaiah Rashad, Warm Winds Lyrics

Album SZA Z PAROLES SZA – Warm Winds Lyrics Featuring Isaiah Rashad [Part I] [Intro: SZA]Hey, hey, glory child, hey [Verse 1]Hey, glory child, don’t you worryStuttering and shaken out of fearBeauty’s never given in a hurrySo condescending, leave your…

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SZA HiiiJack Lyrics,

Album SZA Z PAROLES SZA – HiiiJack Lyrics [Verse 1]Go forth, spread the newsI’m liberatedGo on, cut the ropeI know you hate itTwo knives, no forkWonder who’d make it?I’d lose for you, I choose for you [Pre-Chorus]Gun fightingFatality, boyHell fire,…

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SZA , Green Mile Lyrics

Album SZA Z, PAROLES SZA – Green Mile Lyrics [Verse 1]Shotgun to the back of my heartI don’t turn around to see who let one ring outSaid you’d never do me wrongGuess we see how that plays outIs it true?…

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SZA feat. Kendrick Lamar, Babylon Lyrics

Album SZA Z PAROLES SZA – Babylon Lyrics Featuring Kendrick Lamar [Refrain]Crucify, cru-crucify meCrucify, cru-cru [Verse 1: SZA]I can’t recall the last time I took, advice from anyoneShaped like a figure eight, who trusts pretty girls anyway?And I can’t recall…

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SZA, Sweet November Lyrics

Album SZA Z PAROLES SZA – Sweet November Lyrics [Verse 1]Jesus called me collect last nightIt took all of me not to answerDaddy warned me the perils of playingHard to get with God as his standardFlying high and fearless babyI’ve…

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