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Gone Lyrics, JIN Lyrics,

gieogi meomuldagan geu jarie son ggeute namaitneun ongiedo niga itda itda neoui hyanggi neoui eolgul jebal nal bwa nal bwabwa nal bwabwa na ireohge neol neukkyeo neol neukkyeo neol neukkyeo aesseo jabeun maltu aesseo jabeun miso aesseo jabeun neonde uri…

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Gone Lyrics—U2 Lyrics—

You gotta feel so guilty Got so much for so little Then you find that feeling just won’t go away You’re holding on to every thing so tightly Till there’s nothing left for you anyway Goodbye You can keep this…

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Gone Lyrics—Martin L. Gore Lyrics—

So tired so soon What happened to you What happened to you You got lost Somewhere between There and here Somewhere between So far so near You got lost Somewhere between What happened to you Someone has been removed What…

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