Me-Jane Lyrics-PJ Harvey Lyrics-

d*** your chest-beating just you stop your screaming Splitting through my head and swinging from the ceiling Move it over Tarzan can’t you see I’m bleeding I’ve called you by your first name good lord it’s me-Jane I’m calling split…

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Rub ’til It Bleeds Lyrics-PJ Harvey Lyrics-

Speak I’m listening Baby I’m your sweet thing Believe what I’m saying God’s truth I’m not lying Lie steady Rest your head on me I’ll smooth it nicely Rub it better ’till it bleeds And you’ll believe me Caught out…

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Rid of Me Lyrics-PJ Harvey Lyrics-

Tie yourself to me No one else, no You’re not rid of me You’re not rid of me Night and day I breathe Hah hah ay hey You’re not rid of me Yeah you’re not rid of me Yeah you’re…

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